Tags in Groups

Hi, I'm using Elgg 1.8. When I try to create a new group on my site, there's no option for including tags (shown below). As a result, when I try to search for a group by tag, no results come out as no tags are included. I tried using Profile Manager plugin's group profile and while 'tags' are generated, these 'tags' are different from the Elgg default tags used in Elgg's search for a group by tag. If I can't use the search for a group by tag function, I'd might as well get rid of it instead of confusing users. If this is the case, does anyone know how to get rid of it (without affecting the site wide search which functions perfectly)?

I am new to Elgg and I find Elgg amazing and I love Elgg's supportive environment. Sometimes, the issues make me want to tear my hair out but I'm happy knowng there's so many helpful, knowledgeable and friendly people like you guys!

Create a new group

  • Ok late reply, but for what it is worth, tags for groups are working with profile manager, however there seems to be a bug that makes it only work when you put in a single tag per field. As soon as you add multiple comma seperated tags they will only show up as tag search links but not get added as tags to the group itself.