Funny massage by spam on community elgg

We should think about controlling spam on community. hahahah

 Hello Dear,My name is Joy, I am tall, good looking, perfect body figure
and sexy. I have something special to tell you about me, Please contact me
directly through my email address (joycekiss03 at yahoo dot com) regards,Joy.

  • I'm working on some new spam control measures for the community

  • I just install few days ago a new elgg on a new domaine and yesterday I opened the registration. This morning I check if I could see one new people I have invided. and...


    I see 4 registration. Probably robots. Argggg that is not useable. How to do it. I also notice that when I closed the registration, I can't invite people. My idea whould be to have invitation only but ... is it working ?


    thanks for your help