How to rename the wire in elgg-1.8.16 ??????????? HELP

Hello after a few days of searching there is no clear instruction or tutorials or plugins to rename the wire to maybe somthing like posts or other names that admins may want to use, i am willing to change the core files as having the name the wire is not original at all for someone trying to be original, i would really appreciate some information and help and maybe a plugin? i noticed there is a plugin but it does not work for elgg-1.8.16  only for 1.7, should i down grade elgg? : (

Please help me : )


this is the only thing i could find that made me so happy until i relized i could not use this plugin

  • but it does not give clear instructions on  ( renaming the wire ): ( i am not as clever as you guys i admit it 

  • best thing to do is just wait for another rename the wire plugin : ) cuz i have done everything and still can not customise the name of the wire to somthing i like, i appreciate all the help you guys have tried your best but for a newbie this is way beyond my capabilities at this time, thanks again for the replys it means alot to me much appreciated :)

  • just looked seems to have a lot of bugs, i will download a elgg book and research properlly and read and come back when i know alot more because right now this is like rocket science to me, thank you for replying and your time : ) if you have any more tips or links pleae post them 

  • I've used it before and haven't had any issues

  • i am not a coder so i am stuck : ( i just need a plugin that works, the rename the wire plugin is the only one i have had issues with and can not fix because no one else has made a plugin that renames the wire for 1.8 or , i appreciate your efforts in trying to help me, maybe you could make a rename the wire plugin i downloaded a few of your plugins today your plugins are very good : )

    • Create a folder and name if for example "rename_wire",
    • within this folder create a file (should be empty) and name it start.php,
    • Create a file manifest.xml with the content:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <plugin_manifest xmlns=""&gt;
        <name>Rename Wire</name>
        <description>Renaming the text output of The Wire plugin.</description>
        <license>GNU General Public License version 2</license>

    • Create a subfolder named "languages" and copy the en.php file from the languages folder of the wire plugin into it,
    • within this copy of en.php adjust the text that will show up according to your liking, i.e. change the text right of "=>" only. If you don't change all entries within en.php you could also remove the unchanged entries from the language array.
    • Copy the "rename_wire" folder into the mod directory of your Elgg installation
    • The plugin should be at the bottom of the plugin list shown in the admin section of your site. At least it needs to be below the wire plugin
    • Enable the "rename_wire" plugin and you should see your text instead of the original text.

    It won't get any easier for you than following these instructions. You would need to modify any existing plugin regarding the text included in the language file anyway as nobody will have exactly the same requirements as you.

    If you still see any text that is not included in your modified language file then another plugin (not the wire plugin and not your rename_wire plugin) already modifies the views of the wire, i.e. uses different language strings not included in the original wire plugin. You would need to find out which plugin this is (I would guess either a theme or the river addon plugin). Find it out by disabling any other 3rd party plugin until you find the plugin that changes the text output of the wire. Then look into the language file of this plugin and copy the corresponding language strings (the corresponding lines of the array) into the array in the rename_wire language file, change the text to your liking and your done.

  • sorry your plugin does not work for me : ( maybe i have not done somthing right? i did the same as instructed by Juho Jaakkola  on the other rename the wire plugin, any thoughts? i will try iionly  method now.

  • how do i edit the core just edit the language file? or manifest and start php file? or everything in the wire folder?