Estimation of release date of Elgg 1.9?

Hi Core devs,

sorry to bother you... I know everyone is busy and an exact date might not be possible to tell.

But is there at least a rough estimation possible when we can expect the release of Elgg 1.9 (RC and/or final)?

I'm mainly asking to be able to outline my personal workschedule of testing / updating the plugins I've released for Elgg 1.9. Do I need to hurry or can I take a sabbatical? ;-)

Sidenote: my advice to all plugin developers is to test out your plugins on Elgg 1.9. My experience (about half of my plugins finished for Elgg 1.9) you can be lucky and everything runs fine but you can also have some bad luck and need to update the code of your plugins to work on Elgg 1.9 again (and this might not only involve fixing deprecation issues). Now is the time for testing to be ready when Elgg 1.9 is released! (And you might also help the core devs if you find and report bugs in Elgg 1.9 now)


  • I second that just wish i could get my sub folder install working...!

  • if you have been keeping up with elgg on github then you can see there's 7 new tickets opened for the RC and one of them is the subdirectory issue. it's just a matter of time

  • @cim I know been checking it out and waiting

  • it's just a matter of time now

  • "Matter of time" is kind of unspecific though. There were times within the development of Elgg 1.9 when several issues got fixed per day. But lately it seemed to have slowed down considerably. During the last 8 days there was not a single commit even. So, it's quite difficult to make any proper estimation of a possible release date.

    I'm not even asking for an exact date. I would be already happy to know if we would have expect a release for example within a few weeks or rather not before 1...6 months. There might still be work done on Elgg 1.9 that is not obvious at github that might take longer to finish or there might be a lack of time of the core devs to work on Elgg core at the moment. I'm fully okay if it takes longer than previously expected until Elgg 1.9 is out. I just would like to have some estimation to be able to plan my own work regarding 3rd party plugin upgrading to Elgg 1.9.

  • @iionly Last year I was told that elgg 1.9 was going to be released in three months...

  • you have to understand people have lives and other obligations. the pace of fixes are done on a part time basis. the proper phrase would be "we'll get there when we get there". just like you, i am also waiting.

  • Well I still want to get some of my own work in progress modifications to the Elgg 1.9 core and/or bundled plugins. So I think I'll put up a bit of a fight to postpone the release if that's what it takes to get them in. ;)

    Even after the release candidate there will most likely be some features that still require refining before the final version can be released. So I think it's quite safe to take your sabbatical now.

  • Yikes...hopefully everyone doesn't fight for their own feature creep!  Remember, there's always a 2.0 (hopefully ;-).