Custom Member Tabs for Profile Manager "Profile Type"

Has anyone figured out how to make Profile Type Tabs in Members Plugin?

  • It's a bit complicated, but as I wrote you in a PM I have it basically figured out and as a prototype in my featured members plugin (e.g. featureing a member used the same kind of metadata listing as the profile mananger does, at least for the regular profile fields).

    I am still working on it as a more general plugin... but I doubt I will find the time in the next weeks to really finalize and publish it. Maybe you can have a look at my plugin and extend it already?

  • I figured how to get profile manager custom profile type to list as a tab under members!  Using this code I just can't figure out how to automatically get value so have to look up value of custom type but works well! Ex. Newbie custom profile type!

    case 'newbie':
    $options = array(
    'metadata_name' => 'custom_profile_type', //for profile_manager plugin custom profile type
    'metadata_value' => '131',   //need to look up the value of custom profile type
    'limit' => 10, //number of items per page
    'pagination' => true,
    'list_type' => 'list',
    'list_class' => 'elgg-list',
    'size' => 'small',
    //a-z order start
    $db_prefix = elgg_get_config('dbprefix');
    $joins = array("JOIN {$db_prefix}users_entity u on e.guid = u.guid");
    $options['joins'] = $joins;
    $options['order_by'] = " ASC";
    $content = elgg_list_entities_from_metadata($options);

    I used google chrome to look up value with "inspect element" in the setting page of custom profile types to look up value!