Logged in user issues with Blogs and Tidypics (latest versions Elgg 1.8)

Hi all,

After a fresh install, PHP5.4, using basic_light theme, two users in system of which 1 = Admin

The registered user is able to see all blogs (photos) but unable to view "my blogs & friend's blogs" and is also unable to see "my photo albums / friends photo albums". Error HTTP 500 is thrown however it does work correct with the Files plugin and with the Videos plugin clicking MyFiles/MyVideos etc.

This error only occurs with a regular user, it works just fine for admins.

Changing the regular user into an admin solves the issues so I think there is a miss within elgg or the two plugins and user rights handled in the code or generated url or something.

Any help / fix would be appreciated.


  • In addition, using the flash-uploader, the regular logged in user is able to upload an image (steps 1 and 2) but when reaching step 3 dscribing the image there is no image displayed, either the upload failed or somethingelse. Again, the admin user has no issues with uploading photos with the flash-uploader.


  • Apart from Tidypics and the Basic Light theme do you have any other 3rd party plugins installed? If it works for an admin but not for a regular user or logged-out visitor I think the problem might be caused by a bug in a plugin. I would suggest to disable the Basic Light theme to see if this makes the issue vanish. If not, disable all 3rd party plugins to see if this helps. The problem should not be caused by a bundled plugin, so if you still have problem with blogs with all 3rd party plugins disabled I would say the problem would not be caused by a plugin. But first try to narrow down the problem to a plugin if possible or verify that it's not caused by a 3rd party plugin.

    Regarding Flash uploader of Tidypics: which release of Tidypics? Try the latest version of my Tidypics fork (BC with the official release) which should contain bugfixes also in connection with the Flash uploader. But I would suggest to first solve the error 500 issue as it might also be responsible for problems with the uploading of images.

  • By latest you mean 1.8.16? which version of Basic Light and Tidypics you have?

    Is it local or live site?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Thanks for responding Rodolfo, it is the latest of all so Elgg 1.8.16, basic_light is version 2013.03.17: Updated to Elgg 1.8.14 and other plugins also latest version available for download with Elgg 1.8.

    My situation is changed the last hour.... I have added another (3rd) user and I have done some language translation changes (I use the Dutch language plugin) / corrections. And the weird thing is that somehow regular logged in users are now able to enter the "MyBlog" option which was throwing me HTTP 500 earlier. The friends Blogs option is still throwing those errors as well as MyPhotos and Friends Photos. So only MyBlogs seems to be working now.

    BUT I also noticed the same errors with a regular logged in user concerning 'Groups'. All groups is no issue (http://mijngorredijk.nl/groups/all), Admins have no issues at all but for users logged in the following url's are throwing me HTTP 500 errors:




    I will also message a list of my plugins, maybe you guys recognise some conflict.

  • Thanks iionly, related to sending an email after registration I already disabled/removed an older plugin that should improve the email 'from' but instead prevented the registration for me. I will take your advise and wait with the plugin summary but start disabling the theme and other plugins one by one....