Making an elgg site public (no login required)

Hi, I've looked at the admin settings and elgg documents, and searched the web for a way to make an Elgg site public (removing login requirement completely), but I can't find anything on this matter. I want to make the site public like a blog/news website. 

  • By default elgg is for social networking. If you need a system like blog/news, go for a CMS like wordpress, drupal or joomla.

  • If you really want only a site that allows you to publish blogs, the suggestions of Team Webgalli might really be better suited than Elgg. On the other hand, you can set up an Elgg site with reduced functionality (regarding which plugins are in use) to be used now and if you ever decide to allow people to register an account and add more functionality you can enable more plugins at any later time.

    Elgg has a setting to disable registrations. So, you wouldn't have to bother with people joining your site.

    If you publish content with access level "public", the site visitors don't need an account to be able to access it. You can also set the default access level to "public", so the content will be automatically posted with this access level without the need to set it for every single posting. Still, you can select another access level manually for each posting (and change it at any time). This would allow you for example to write something, save it with "logged-in" access level (no visitor without account will see it), take a break and return to the posting and finish it at a later time.

    You don't need to use all functionality the Elgg core packet offers. A lot of the functionality is available via plugins (both plugins bundled in the core packet and 3rd party plugins). In your case you might only need the blogs and/or pages plugin.

    By default people would need an account to be able to comment on your postings. But there's also a plugin available to allow for anonymous commenting: You can also add a plugin that would allow for moderation of the anonymous postings:

    A little customization might be necessary to have a good landing page. For example, it might be nice to have the blogs page as index page, if there's no other content available. But such customization is easily possible with Elgg.

  • Thanks Webgalli and iionly.