validation by email not working

Hi All

while creat new user does'nt recive email (validation) verification he cud'nt activate account. if admin manualy validating that user it will working. i don't know where the issue will appear! [elgg 1.8.16

  • This may be caused by various reasons.

    Does the site send any emails? For example email notifications.

  • ya it was send for all notifications like if we created groups,likes and also in admin if we create new user its validating. but only for register user email verification its not working.

  • Is the uservalidationbyemail plugin enabled?

    Are you using any other plugins that modify the registration process (like enabling registering with Facebook / Twitter credentials etc.)?

    If all other email notifications work but the validation email does not, there is either a conflict with another plugin -> you would need to test this out by disabling any plugins that possibly create a conflict to narrow down the problem at least to a single plugin.

    Or the validation emails are sent but not received. Are you 100% sure that the validation emails are not received? Have you tested this on your own - also checked any webmail spam folders if such a folder does exist? You might also want to check the email server log to see if there's an email sent immediately after a registration (register a test account on your own).

    Maybe your server is on a blacklist. As the validation emails ofter are falsely identified as spam this could result in an email provider setting your IP on a blacklist. Other providers might also use the same blacklist and will also not deliver the emails from your server anymore. Check your IP at and if it's listed. If this is the case you can remove it there, but you would also need to improve the config of yor mailserver to avoid getting blacklisted again, e.g. by using SPF and a PTR record to allow for verification of the server.

  • uservalidationbyemail plugin enabled.

    we not using Facebook / Twitter credentials etc.

    we check spam folder but it not recive

    no server is on a blacklist

    still not recive mail. here we enable only basic default plugins in that case also mail not recive.

    i don't know where the proble help this issue

  • What is with other emails apart validation emails? I've asked it before: do the users receive email notifications (for example on private messages or on receiving comments)? The notifications settings (in a user's account settings) must be configured accordingly, i.e. email notifications must be turned on.

    It's important to know if other emails are sent or not. If there are no emails sent at all, the problem might be entirely different than in case only the validation emails are missing.

    Check also your mailserver log and Apache server log. Best would be to look for any log entries at the time you register an account. If you see that an email is sent at this time, the problem is not with Elgg.

  • i am using elgg-1.8.16 and plugin added in mod/uservalidation by admin 1

    but not only for register user email verification its not can i check this in it's possible?

  • Is your mailer working? Did you set up an email account and are you using that account to send notifications?

    Did you check spam folder?

    @Kani You can't do this on localhost, not easily.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • AFAIR uservalidationbyemail and uservalidationbyadmin were conflicting against eachother, but maybe I'm wrong. Don't remember what exactly was an issue.