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Hi guys:

Recently got Elgg and super excited! I got profile manager and I am required to download the Profile plugin... I am on the plugin page but the search option does not allow me to manually enter phrases. (The google serach dosnt really work). Thanks!

  • The profile plugin is already bundled within the Elgg core packet, so you should simply need to enable it in the plugin list of your site.

  • Hi, I am sure I have installed it correctly which is detected by profile manager. But there is nothing in my plugin other than profile manager in the admin panel. I also slapped on the Bundled filter, and theres nothing there.


    *I also have the MIT license if that changes anything


    Thanks a lot

  • MIT license makes a great difference, because all plugins are missing in the MIT release of Elgg due to license restrictions.

    If you don't require the MIT license, I would suggest to use the GPL licensed Elgg package that comes with the bundled plugins.

  • Oh! But I was planning on releasing my app as a fremium website which will generate revenue by advertisement. Can I still use the GPL license based on the above condition?



  • P.S.: in case you can use the GPL license there's no need to re-install Elgg. Simply copy the content of the mod folder (which contains the bundled plugin) of the Elgg GPL zip into the mod folder of your installation. Apart from the missing plugins and the license file in the Elgg root folder everything else is exactly the same. After you copied the plugins into the mod folder you can enable them via the admin backend of your site.

  • Thanks a lot iionly, that is very helpful

  • If you plan to built up your own site that generates revenue with ads that's okay with the GPL license. It would also be okay to use for example a plugin that adds a (paid) premium membership option to your site.

    If you want to develop your own plugins, you would also be free to sell it.

    What's not allowed is for example pretending that the Elgg framework is your own. So, if you want to make a business from offering Elgg services (installing Elgg websites, developing custom plugins), you would still release the Elgg framework (or any GPL licenses plugin) itself under the GPL license.

  • Again, thats very helpful, thanks!

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Beginning Developers

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