Slideshow and Upload

Hi there, I was searching for a good gallery for my community site, powered with elgg 1.5
Today I had a look at tidypics, but I'm missing some functions, I've seen already.

Is it in the queue to have in the near future a more comfortable upload and a slideshow?

If you want to see a really good solution, please visit - I was thinking about to port this to elgg, but - there are other issues - no support for other nice stuff, tidy has.

I played around with the version 2 and now with version 3 of galleria and - I was really impressed. It's really cool.

They implemented for slideshow piclens lite. If you have installed the cooliris plugin u will have a "3D slideshow", if you don't know, you should have a look at this. If you want to see a example slideshow, have a look at my gallery 2 experiment

In version 2 the had the possibilty to upload images via zip, extract it automatic with full folder structure, very comfortable. Versin 3 is in beta now and has not as many modules as version 2, but now the have a very good workling uploader (zip support will follow). With the uploader u can select all images of a album at the same time. It is a flash 10 application, as far as I know.

Because everything is opensource, it should be possible to have a view at the code and to implement the same stuff like gallery. Would be nice to hear from you, what you think.

Torsten Wesolek