Make Invite Friends Automated

The Invite Friends plugin should not have a form for inputing emails manually; it should have a Facebook-style "Invite Friends" feature where people can send invitations to their contacts in their email accounts (Yahoo, GMail, ...). I mean who in the world remembers emails in their head? May be they can remember one or two emails of people (even these have to be their very close friends with whom they exchange emails frequently).

Let's face it. Even when people enter emails manually one at a time to the Invite Friends form, they'll have to first access their contacts in their email accounts, copy the emails, and paste them into the form. So, this going-to-email-accounts-fetching-friends-one-at-a-time-to-an-elgg-site being inevitable, why not make the invitation process automated and let people access their email accounts from the website to which their are trying to invite their friends, select the friends they want to invite, and send the invitation? Since Elgg is also still providing this Invite Friends plugin bundled with the core, why not make it automated. Just a thought.