free software & GNU license agreement - a richard stallman presentation

only recently did i learn the story of the 'linux' operating system and how in truth what we commonly call linux is actually GNU + the linux kernel.
this video is an entertaining one that explains the origins of the operating system and some details and logic of the GNU licenses that are used by elgg and this community.. i recommend this to anyone here.


  • thankyou, yes, i have visited that site and read some of the pages. i also spoke with richard briefly via email and mentioned elgg. he said he knows nothing about coding social software, however he was interested to know of coders who are coding in that direction.

    he is clearly a 'veteran' of 'debate' on the topic of free software vs. 'open source' - which is a dynamic i did not realise even existed as to me they were the same. as i said to him, i remain open and free to consider alternatives. 'open hearted software' is what i see to be appropriate, and indeed is what is needed on or 'offline'.. ;)

  • Interesting readings. GNU is a pretty hard to understand license.

  • i referenced both the operating system and the license in the initial message of the thread, though i didn't use the full name of the license(s).

  • ah gotcha, i missed that.. thanks for the summary.