Installation Success, how edit the index page?

Hi There!


I (finally) successful installed Elgg on my servers. It seems to be working ok and everything is up and running. The only thing is:


When I now navigate to my Elgg install (e.g. go to I get the "Welcome to Elgg" page that asks for the database settings. I allready did this and Elgg is up and running, so I don't need that page anymore.


Now I want to have my own index page (like on the home page). How is this done? Can I do that myself?


Regards and thanks for the advice beforehand!


Douwe Pieter

  • If you are still seeing the database settings page, then there is a serious problem.

    You should be sent to a login page, and once you have logged-in, to Tools administration to configure your plugins.

    Can Elgg write to the engine/settings.php file?

  • I did the install all over again and now it works fine. I changed the settings.php file myself instead of using the webpage Elgg gave me.


    Now there's still one issue to adress: is there a good tutorial available on how to edit the index page and where I need to do that?




    Douwe Pieter