AMAZON AWS. I need someone to help me!

  • Hello to all,

I launched an EC2 instance and configured Linux to install Elgg. Then I launched a RDS Instance to create a server database for Elgg.

First I copied the ENDPOINT RDS and attach it on the page Elgg installation. After this Elgg could access the RDS. However, from there, on the page following the Elgg could not find the directory database
I'm no developer and I did everything by myself, following some tutorials. But I'm a bit lost now. Sounds like a stupid question:

What is the path to the Elgg access Amazon RDS database?

Should I configure EC2 Instance or RDS?

Can someone show me how I can configure the EC2 or RDS?

I appreciate anyone who can help me


This messages examples of the message appears to me:

Configure site

  • We don't think "data" is an absolute path for your data directory

We need some information about the site as we configure Elgg. If you haven't created a data directory for Elgg, you need to do so now.

The name of your new Elgg site


Email address used by Elgg for communication with users
  • The address of the site (Elgg usually guesses this correctly)
The directory where you put the Elgg code (Elgg usually guesses this correctly)
The directory that you created for Elgg to save files (the permissions on this directory are checked when you click Next). It must be an absolute path.

The default access level for new user created c