Notification of content added/activity

At the moment the only thing myself and my users get notified of by email is new messages in the internal messaging system. Is it not possible to receive emails about new content added or of activity on the site or within groups? We have checked all the notifications fields in Settings.



  • surattraining,

    Non core (bundled) plugins are:

    Image Captcha 2.0, Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.8.0-rc1, Easy Theme 1.3.2, Events Manager 2.3, User Import 1.8.1, Custom Static Page 1.0, GalliMassmail 3.2 (Deactivated), Croncheck 2.0.1, Last Login 1.8.4, FAQ 1.8.2.

    I deactivated Events Manager and User Import and that made no difference.


  • My latest of various attempts at solving this involved installing the phpmailer plugin. While it overrides the default emailer I don't think it overrides notifications because I still have the same problem - no site activity email notification, just email notification for registration and internal messages.

    While searching through various posts - all unresolved - from people who have had this same problem, I came across this comment from an Elgg user which made me feel much better:

    "I would happily NOT even have the functionality/option where users can be notified by email. All the more reason to login regularly and get all the latest notifications then!"

    It made me, as a member of various online forums, realize just how annoying email notification can get to be. So maybe it's time to stop banging my head against a wall and just accept things as they are!

  • Well, I finally solved my email notification problem. I decided to try activating the SMPT option in the PhpMail plugin. I completed all fields except SSL which I don't have and for good luck checked the "Using Nonstandard MTA (end of line = \n)" option, though I don't know what that signifies exactly. Result - all test members received notification of an addition to one of the groups. Voila!

    So in my case at least it seems that the notifications plugin is OK using the server's sendmail for registration and internal messaging notification, but that it needs SMPT for site activity notification.

    A final point which I've not tested enough to know but, is it really the case that there is no email notification other than for new group posts and comments on posts? I tested with blog entries but there was no email notification. Actually I don't mind as groups are the core of my site and to be notified of everything would be annoying!