Notification of content added/activity

At the moment the only thing myself and my users get notified of by email is new messages in the internal messaging system. Is it not possible to receive emails about new content added or of activity on the site or within groups? We have checked all the notifications fields in Settings.



  • I beleive that there is a plugin for live notification but for small and medium site. 
    You can search live_notifications plugins.

  • I beleive that there is a plugin for live notification but for small and medium site. 
    You can search live_notifications plugins.

  • It should be possible to get notification about new content. Are you using any third-party plugins that might somehow disable the notifications system?

  • Thanks TrungHuynh. Actually though I don't need live notification. I need email notification.

    Just found Matt Beckets's Notification Subjects 1.8.x for Elgg 1.8. Looks promising will try it. Everthing I've  tried of Matt's before is great!

    Juho, I'm using the core plugin Notifications 1.7 in Elgg 1.8.13. It's in the middle of my list of plugins. Maybe I should move it around. The only other one I could think may be causing trouble is galliMassmail but it's not activated.

  • I think Matt's plugin works only for the emails that the system is successfully sending. It won't fix the problem of not getting some of the notification in the first place.

    The notifications plugin should work regardless of it's priority in the plugin. Since you do receive at least some email, the most propable cause is a broken plugin. Try disabling all third-party plugins (no matter what they are for). Then test the notifications system again.

  • What plugins you have you used when testing the notifications? What notifyable actions have you tested (e.g. create a blog, comment a blog, etc)?

  • Juho, sorry to delay in answering. Since installing Elgg 1.8.13 back in March, myself and users have posted numerous entries from the blog and group plugins. As I say the only emails to get through have come from internal messaging and registration. Even before I started adding plugins the email notification for anything other than these two functions has never happened. I just tested making a group entry and a blog entry and - no emails were received by my test user who had all checked off in Settings > Notifications.

  • This is very peculiar. I don't think this kind of situation is even possible on a fresh install.

    Are you sure you have enabled both personal and group settings for the test user?

    (Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I just want to make sure since you said you tested with a group and so far you haven't mentioned anything about group notification settings in specific.)

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  • Juho,

    All boxes at those two links for both admin and testuser are checked to receive messages internally and via email. Messages are received internally but not via email. Notification of personal messages are received internally and via email. Registration notification is received by email.