Spammers Conflict With a Start-Up Site

Okay, there's a lot of marketing sensibility to be acquired in launching a new Elgg social network. And there's content continually to produce. But as you make headway in these key areas, the spammers keep coming on. Even with Elgg's antispam plugin, it takes time to insure that you're not deleting a valid member or two in thumbing through the spammers. I hope they're not reading this, but spammers are a drag on enthusiasm for what may be possible with an Elgg network and how to get there. Any thoughts?

  • Well, Ray J is doing a terrific job with his Spam Login Filter plugin, however we need to join together to fight spammers in a better way. Spammers limit the grow of a network.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @RJ, I must say that Matt is doin a terrific job. The latest two versions was almost done by him. But thanks for the feedback. I need time to improve the plugin more and more, and I have a head full of ideas.

  • Ray J and Matt - Yes, your plugin has provided a way to stop spammers at the gate. As you keep improving it, will those changes automatically be added to the installed plugin, or will it need to be reinstalled periodically?

    Why, incidentally, do virtually all the spammers - at least those that I'm getting - have either Hotmail or, a few, Outlook email addresses? Could you include the spammers' email address on the email notifications the plug-in sends out? Now it's only on the validation portion. Having the email address right off could speed up handling spammers. 

  • @dougbed - you need to upgrade manually, newer version do include that information in the notifications.