Upgrading Elgg from 1.7.15 to 1.8

Now I have elgg site up and running with 1.7.15 version. I want to upgrade it to latest elgg version (Elgg 1.8.16).

 Can i do upgrading directly from 1.7.15 to 1.8.16. Though I gone through the forums, They suggested to do upgrading version by version. So do we need to upgrade to latest 1.7 release(i.e 1.7.19) and then to elgg 1.8.16?

As of i know, After upgrading, we need to replace all Third party plugins in the site with the latest Third party plugins which are compatible with the latest elgg version. So what about custom plugins developed in elgg site. We have ten custom plugins which are developed on elgg 1.7.15. Do i need to change code in all cutom plugins to elgg latest version API.

Can any one please suggest me on this?

  • You can upgrade from 1.7.15 to 1.8.16 in one single step.  Regarding custom plugin compatibility - it depends.  Some may work fine, some may work but use deprecated functions, some may not work at all - depending on what they're doing and how.  Chances are you'll need at least some work on them to make them fully compatible with 1.8

  • @Matt Beckett- Thank you very much. So we will be know about which custom plugins are won't work and  in which custom plugins we need to do modifications after upgrading the site only.

    Is there any documenation for deprectaed functions which won't work in latest versions or Any code changes are  complusary needed before upgrading to latest version.

    What about custom theme, Is this also same like custom module or should we change it before upgrading?

    Can you please give some details about these.

  • http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Updating_plugins_for_Elgg_1.8

    I don't believe there's an itemized list of 'this function replaced with this function' - deprecated functions will still work, but you can see the deprecation errors if you turn on logging and that will direct you.  The biggest change is the views, so those with will need to be looked at which pretty much means your theme will need upgrading for sure.

    Try the upgrade on a test installation and see what breaks - that's the best way forward