privacy, open source, efficiency, prism and P2P social networks

since the 'sudden discovery' that government/military computer systems are seeking to monitor and record every online activity, many have sought services that they hope can mitigate this intrusive approach to 'society'.
*the previous sentance was heavily censored for political correctness - a translated version is at the end of this message*.

this page provides many free/open source services which make privacy, anonymity, free-ness and transparency their focus and can be used to replace corporate services -

i notice on that list that there are several social network options that i was not previously aware of and that some of them are P2P based and thus ensure that no heavy centralised server tech is needed to run the site. this is a dramaticly different approach to elgg and others designs, though i have yet to see the benefits in full detail. if anyone has any plan to convert elgg to a P2P format, i would like to know it!

translation of initial sentance follows:

since a small amount of individuals broke their mind control programming and started sharing with the greater population some of the truth that they hold back in fear of their own death at the hands of the criminal gangs identified as 'governments', the larger populous has sought to find ways to free themselves from the threat of tyrannical psychopaths presenting themselves as honest, caring & morally correct.

since the fuller truth of just what has been occurring behind closed doors has yet to filter into the controlled media and into the wider human perception field, many are not yet aware that the technology being used in deep bunkers is vastly more capable than that which has been palmed off to everyone else and thus are not only uncertain about what is the best approach to take, they also are often unaware if their approaches are actually successful. for this and other reasons, if we are to continue to use technology, we may benefit greatly from unification in place of fragmentation (as we always do) and use the models of equanimity and balance that have hither-to been denied and attacked (by the ones who wish dominion over the rest) - such as P2P.