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since the 'sudden discovery' that government/military computer systems are seeking to monitor and record every online activity, many have sought services that they hope can mitigate this intrusive approach to 'society'.
*the previous sentance was heavily censored for political correctness - a translated version is at the end of this message*.

this page provides many free/open source services which make privacy, anonymity, free-ness and transparency their focus and can be used to replace corporate services -

i notice on that list that there are several social network options that i was not previously aware of and that some of them are P2P based and thus ensure that no heavy centralised server tech is needed to run the site. this is a dramaticly different approach to elgg and others designs, though i have yet to see the benefits in full detail. if anyone has any plan to convert elgg to a P2P format, i would like to know it!

translation of initial sentance follows:

since a small amount of individuals broke their mind control programming and started sharing with the greater population some of the truth that they hold back in fear of their own death at the hands of the criminal gangs identified as 'governments', the larger populous has sought to find ways to free themselves from the threat of tyrannical psychopaths presenting themselves as honest, caring & morally correct.

since the fuller truth of just what has been occurring behind closed doors has yet to filter into the controlled media and into the wider human perception field, many are not yet aware that the technology being used in deep bunkers is vastly more capable than that which has been palmed off to everyone else and thus are not only uncertain about what is the best approach to take, they also are often unaware if their approaches are actually successful. for this and other reasons, if we are to continue to use technology, we may benefit greatly from unification in place of fragmentation (as we always do) and use the models of equanimity and balance that have hither-to been denied and attacked (by the ones who wish dominion over the rest) - such as P2P.

  • learning to respond rather than react is a significant advancement/evolution and is a requirement of self liberation. in this way, the 'fixed points' can be loosened and can be found to actually not be fixed at all and that the 'glue' that was holding the points as being fixed was actually your own unmoving/unchanging choices/logic and will.

    my 'life' is not online - what i choose to express online is online. there are many still who have never even seen a computer! (though their presence may be low in terms of a global percentage).

    true self protection is in knowing self and through choosing internal alignment that is nurturing and self supportive, rather than constantly searching in the 'outer reality' seeking for input/information. by creating from inside -> out, we are truly co-creators. by reacting from outside -> in, we are consumers (of other's information) and ultimately this is somewhat parasitic and is actually a reflection of the 'surveillance state' and actually is just another 'personal' version of the corporate structure that continues to deny and destroy the planet and individual lives.

    i have never visited italy as my intuition informs me that the energy frequency there is not conducive to me at this timing. i have visited many areas of the planet and have not yet found a location that is balanced or harmonious. rather than defining self as victim, i advise a path of self realisation. :)

  • Continuing the offtopic ;)

    Maintaining privacy on the Internet is nearly impossible. If you forget even once to enable your protections, or click on the wrong link, or type the wrong thing, you've permanently attached your name to whatever anonymous service you're using.

    In today's world, governments and corporations are working together to keep things that way. Governments are happy to use the data corporations collect -- occasionally demanding that they collect more and save it longer -- to spy on us. And corporations are happy to buy data from governments. Together the powerful spy on the powerless, and they're not going to give up their positions of power, despite what the people want.

    Welcome to a world where Google knows exactly what sort of porn you all like, and more about your interests than your spouse does. Welcome to a world where your cell phone company knows exactly where you are all the time. Welcome to the end of private conversations, because increasingly your conversations are conducted by e-mail, text, or social networking sites.

    And welcome to a world where all of this, and everything else that you do or is done on a computer, is saved, correlated, studied, passed around from company to company without your knowledge or consent; and where the government accesses it at will without a warrant.

    Welcome to an Internet without privacy, and we've ended up here with hardly a fight.

  • a clear assessment, yes. so now, in knowledge that this has occurred and has occurred in some senses without full realisation of the details in advance by all involved (with a lag / delay of realisation); now we can ask 'is this what we really desire to choose for our own reality?'.

    to some extent i use this as a way of helping me evolve rather than to victimise myself, while also acknowledging that some beings on this planet truly are embodying evil and thus i need to be careful to some extent.

    i do not use a cellphone, car or telephone, mostly do not use money and have intent to use zero money. my own choices clouded my ability to realise that this is possible to do and my own confusions and internal imprints caused me to believe that these aspects of life were necessary and that i am somehow disempowered or 'less worthy' without them.

    the underlying aspect to all of this always returns to us (spirits) and so, if we do not like what is occurring, we have the capacity to do something about it. the relative speed at which this situation has arrived, combined with the intent of some to deny the full details and to also hide the full details from those not in the 'secret' clubs; when combined with the poor choices of so many and further combined with various intentions to deliberately damage and inhibit the genome of the majority by any means possible (provided chances of detection are low) by the more shady characters - has left many dazed and confused about what to do.. yet solutions can and do exist.

    a shift internally from being 'mind centered' to originating at soul level and being heart balanced will always be the path that leads to successful evolution. even if the details are not clear yet, that is the light. ;)

    inner-net > internet
    (not the other way around)

  • haha...
    italy ... it all (e)nergy
    is the answer..
    so in that sense, the answer was always all around and in you - the lenses needed clearing. ;)

  • for religious minds, that is not entirely innacurate..
    there are right and wrong answers inside, yes..
    we need to feel to know the truth... many do not feel, only think.

    my mind is attached to the idea of saying here "the real truth of the catholics is that they were originally a group of cat lovers.. cataholics, you might say" .. ;)
    my feelings and heart wish to impart deeper realities.

  • Talk about Elgg privacy first ;). Until today, Elgg doesn't have a privacy setting that controls posts collectively. For example, the privacy setting for blogs should act as a blanket for all blog posts (not just individual blog posts as it is now). The same should be true for wire and file posts. There should be an old Facebook-style privacy control for blogs, wire, and file posts. There should also be a means for users to block other users who harrass them, and the choice for people to delete their own accounts. 

    Let us take this moment to start the most important ever tracs:

    1. A privacy control for blogs, wires, files, and other posts. 

    2. An option for users to block other users. 

    3. An option for users to delete their own accounts. 

    Let's start these tracs and follow them up. Ura Sould, you take charge. 

  • 1. the default privacy setting exists already - if you go to 'settings' -> 'default access level'.. from there you can still choose unique settings per entity.
    2 a block user plugin already exists in the community ( - i don't know how effective it is.

  • 2 a block user plugin already exists in the community ( - i don't know how effective it is.

    I've tested it. Not good :(

  • my approach is to not support blocking at all on my site.. so i have no purpose to play with the code.
    there's nothing stopping anyone else raising a github ticket for elgg core (trac is no longer used)
    i found this existing ticket for this basic issue: