Pic's or Video's uploaded from mobile 'sideways or up side down?'

Hi, I'm fairly new to elgg and have been developing my network for a work site using 1.8.16 with some plugins like mobilise,Gdocs,News,grouptools..nothing to fancy at the moment.I have come across a problem which is very frustrating and I do not know how to fix it!

Ok, using a handheld device, log into site, all working ok, mobilise seems to work and fits nice into screen , on Ipad or iphone.... now when you go to files and select upload files you can pick a existing photo or take a new one 'photo or video' this is great and uploads ok, problem then is either the photo or video is on its side or upside down.....baffled,totally stumbed and out of fresh cheese!!!

How can I fix this?


Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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