spl_autoload - Class DatabaseException could not be loaded


I'm facing two different problems but I think they are dependent.

1) A lot of "PHP Fatal error:  spl_autoload(): Class DatabaseException could not be loaded in /home/.../engine/lib/database.php on line 274" in my logs

php in use : 5.3.3-7+squeeze15 (Zend: 2.3.0) + mysql : MySQL 5.1.66-0+squeeze1-log

Elgg's author Cash says he has solved the problem but only for next Elgg 1.9 ! https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/4210 - He says : for everything else refer to the Elgg community, or, there is nothing about this issue in Elgg Community. He also says that there are a lot of people that did not have this problem. I say : there are still a lot of people that do have this problem (like me), just have a look around the world (through a google's search "elgg Fatal error: spl_autoload()" )

2) The 2nd problem I have come when trying to resolve the above, so I started by doing an upgrade from Elgg 1.8.15 to the latest 1.8.16 version. After upgrading, I can no more login neither ask for a forgottn password. The site is there, I can acces all public pages, so  I guess the database connexion is ok. But nothing happens when trying to log in or to request a password. I then started with a new and fresh install (so no third party pluggins) and just copied my old .htaccess and my settings.php and run upgrade.php. The new install didn't gave me more success !

3) Worst of all, I moved back my original files (1.8.15). Still can not log in !

So what's happening ? I'd like to know and understand, but mostly have my site up and my users back again ;(

  • The real problem is that you hava a database excepction that the code can not show. In elgg 1.9 and above all the engine/database was fully rewritten, that's why is not happening there. I use 1.8.20 and have this problem, but usually is because the table is corrupt and have to repair it (usually the user sessions table).