Disable objects on the activity page

Please can someone help? I've been through all 680 plug-ins for 1.8 and searched the discussions and can not find anything that has helped. I've found plug-ins to control privacy, and rivers for gatekeepers etc...

I simply want to disable the bookmarks from the site's activity page or filter them or whatever the terminology is, I just prefer them not to be there.

And on a similar topic I'm using the adsense plug-in and would prefer it if adsense was not shown on the bookmarks area of the site and so what if statement should I be using?

  • Disabling bookmarks from the river doesn't sound like very generic need so I don't think there's a plugin for it.

    I recommend creating your own plugin or paying someone to develop it for you. It wouldn't be complicated. You just need to register a plugin hook handler for the 'creating', 'river' hook. And then inside the handler check the type of the entity being added to the activity. If the type is "bookmarks" you just return false.