Cant Access The profile page as non registered user...

Please clear my problem

Example :

check this user profile... as a non reg user... u cant access the page...

SO please help me to avoid this problem... 

Due to this am getting 404 error in google report...



  • Are you using a third party theme or any plugin that affects the profile?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • No am not using any 3rd party theme or profile plugin.... no idea what to do... i can see this problem from when i installed day ellg in my site..

  • No one is there to help to solve this problem?


    and now am getting a registration problem,... when users try to register there is no any validation code... the mail just contains:





    this is what we get in the email... help me to sovle this problem

  • Download a new version of elgg > Unzip it > and upload to the server. Run the upgrade from admin dashboard

  • Its already running in a new version.. and still am getting the same problems...

  • Perhaps you need to uncheck the 'Restict pages to logged-in users' in your 'advanced settings'?

  • I don't think that's the problem. Did you do another clean install?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • There is at least one 3rd party plugin installed on your site (Facebook / Twitter for registration). There might be others installed you don't tell us about that are not so obvious. My guess is that due to some plugin the profile pages are inaccessible when logged-out. This might be either due to a feature of such a plugin or due to a bug. Or maybe there's some content on the profile pages that has an access level that prevents the content to be shown for guest. This might result in the whole profile page not being rendered.

    The issue with the validation emails not containing the correct text is either due to a missing or corrupted language file. The language string that would replace the raw string is not to be found resulting in the raw string being included instead.

    I would suggest to make a thorough validation of you site. Maybe other things do not work either. It could also be caused by something gone wrong at installation or site upgrade. It could also help to copy all files of Elgg + additional plugins again to the server. Maybe some other files are also missing (or they might have the wrong file permissions).

  • now all the bugs cleard and now i access the user profile under guest mode and no worries..

    the new problem is.... users never getting emails to verify... but the plugin is activated admin dashboard.

      <<<< just have a try and check it... 


    when u register it says... you are registerd and it automatically registerd.. so help me to solve this problem