Help Me Install Elgg on Yahoo

Hi, I need help from you on how to install Elgg. They don't have any instructions for 3rd-party building tools. I would appreciate it if you can list the procedure in a fashion similar to That is, 1. Do this; 2. Do this; .... Yahoo also don't accept .htaccess, so if you can advise on how to get around that too would be great. Thanks. 

  • Just See

    Note for installation on a virtual host (e.g. Rackspace, Amazon EC2)

    For installation to proceed successfully, modify the .htaccess file in the root, and uncomment:

    117: #RewriteBase /

    To be:

    117: RewriteBase /
    • When you are setting up elgg and you are requested for your email address, you must provide an email address that you have access to and is on the same server as the elgg installation. If you use gmail, or any other email service for your admin email address, you will have problems with the site.
  • Thanks RvR. I had followed the installation instruction and removed the hash tag, but I still couldn't upload my site. I am starting not to like their service. 

  • Yahoo say:

    .htaccess (Hypertext Access)
    The name .htaccess refers to the main configuration file for Apache, a popular open-source HTTPserver. The .htaccess file can be used to create custom error pages and web page redirects, set up password protection, enable SSI, and more. Yahoo! does not currently allow you to upload .htaccess files to your account. For other customization options, we recommend the Custom Error Pages andpassword-protection features available in your Web Hosting Control Panel. 

    Please share your thoughts. I would like to hear from the core developers of Elgg as well. 

    1. Are the consequences of not having .htaccess on the hosting server detrimental to the performance of the site? If I don't upload the .htaccess, will the server do jobs done by .htaccess in its own way? 

    2. How can one replace the .htaccess with another file that does the job of .htaccess but is acceptable to big hosting companies like Yahoo? 

  • Personally my take is - if you don't have control over your server what good is it?

    I haven't used any hosts that don't allow .htaccess, I don't know if there is another option for those.  The htaccess rules are required for elgg to work.

  • I actually withdrew from Yahoo with some bruises. 

  • Sorry to hear that didn't work out - I don't know why Yahoo wouldn't allow such basic stuff.  Really, you couldn't run many of the major CMS's on it if you can't use .htaccess