over-riding the css just for ie (ie.php) is not successful here

i have copied the ie.php file from the views->css folder into the appropriate place in my theme's view folder structure (and confirmed that the view is being used via the developer plugin -> inspect -> views page)..
i have also added a css selector and parameter to the copied ie.php file that i want to only be used in internet explorer.
so far the css selector is not being detected/used by internet explorer 10.
(the setting is a width size parameter for a logo that IE renders a different size to other browsers).

anyone know what i might have missed? i don't use IE much so am not familiar with the pitfalls.


  • check the IE versions that are getting conditional code - it may be that IE10 doesn't get the selective css and you'll have to create a new conditional view for IE10

  • ah you reminded me that IE developer tools has a way of choosing the IE version to render with.
    IE9 is ok (though has a totally different weird issue).
    so the code is detected and used by IE9 and not 10.. indeed.
    so... hmm..
    the head.php file in elgg uses <!--[if gt IE 7]> to pass ie.php to the browser for IE10.. or at least it should. yet that does not appear to be happening.

    *the alternative option of destroying microsoft is notching up the list of possibilities *
    (oh.. that's what all the MS virii are about.. i see.. lol)

  • Screw IE and the horse it rode in on - if people insist on using it then let them have poorly rendered titles or whatever.  That's my opinion...


    Of course my opinion differs greatly from *clients*

  • my webstats software shows that IE represents a slice of the pie that is about the size of pacman's open mouth.. ;)
    so thats about 17% or so.

    i have no desire to support ms either.. however due to the limited consciousness levels present in so many (possibly highly prominent among ms users), since my site is intended to inspire evolution, if the site doesn't render well for these ones, then their logic is more likely to say 'the guy who made this site isn't very smart, he can't even make a webpage'.. instead of 'oh yeah, internet explorer is really poor and designed to usher in the fourth reich'. lol and not lol.

  • Only the members of a site matter...I use Chrome allot but have to revert to IE often because links are missing and I can't do what I want to.  None of the browsers are perfect but more still use IE than anything else (sorry to all the 'alternate browser' people but that's a fact).


  • Not sure where that chart came from but it proves my point because they add up to over 100% because, like me, they may prefer one but use IE also for the things they can't do otherwise.  I often get calls (because I have IE and some don't) asking me to sign into some site, as them, and do something for them.  IE is far from dead at this point so ignoring it would be a mistake.

  • the image was from here:

    generally, from what i have seen, the types of sites that only function with IE are the ones that have some type of corporate agreement with microsoft to that end.. at least that's how it appears on the surface to me..
    i haven't needed to use IE in such a way for several years and even then it was only for banking..

    personally i remain happy to watch IE nosedive into oblivion.. however, none of this explains why the ie specific code isn't being picked up in IE 10.

  • @ura soul

    You should check our website more often ;)

    Here's the solution for IE 10 CSS:


    if (stripos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], ‘MSIE 10′)) {


    <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”../css/ie_10_style.css” />



    else {


    <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”../css/style.css” />




    Source: http://www.swsocialweb.com/ie-10-css-hack/

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • haha.. thanks..
    "zee chowzen browza off zee mazda race das nut need improofing". ;)

    so this can be a core change to replace the conditional logic with the user agent check.