Anonymous Comments


We're currently working on an Elgg site for a small community here, and one of the features we'd love to implement is to allow anonymous commenting *by logged in users*. Ie, if we could add a checkbox on the comment form to say 'this comment should be anonymous'.

It can still be associated with the user in the back end of the system, but must not show in activity feeds, profiles or be associated to the user in any of the admin sections. 

I don't really want to start messing around with the Elgg core comment functionality, so I'm wondering if anyone has done anything similar (I saw something for the messageboard plugin, but nothing for Elgg's built in comment functions). Does anyone have ideas about how I might implement this?





  • I guess one "hack" that can accomplish this is to create one "anonymous" account and use its owner id when adding the comment. There could be some issues with access rights. The original owner of the comment is lost however.