.avi video player/izap questions

Hi Guys

Been ages since i was here!

Anyway, I need a plugin to play all sorts of videos uploaded to the server. Veeplayer works nice but is limited to mp4 mov and flv.

So I have been looking at Izap. Does this convert all video's uploaded to the once video type? Will it play .avi?

When I check the Izap server analysis, I get:

exec() Fail Required to execute the commands.

How do I fix this?



  • Yes, it seems to convert all videos to .flv using a ffmpeg command line which you can specify.  It converts almsot any video format for me successfully to .flv.  But it also has "offserver" capability where it can handle most embedds from Youtube as well.  You need an API key for this, I believe.

    I think it uses exec() to handle the ffmpeg video conversion.  So you have to enable exec() likely in your php.ini file or such.  It depends on your hosting what the exact solution will be so if it's shared hosting, a VPS, or a managed dedicated box you should probably just ask your host.

  • Cool thanks for the info