html5, ajax, persistent audio and elgg?

i've seen some elgg sites that have successfully used ajax to handle all page loads on the site and thus can also then allow persistent audio playing while navigating pages.. yet i have not seen any code for this..
i'm also aware that elgg 1.9 has a lot of js and maybe also ajax changes... and am unsure exactly what that involves.
so since i am looking at ajaxing my entire site for increase of server efficiency, ease of navigation and extended media features.. i am wondering if anyone (particularly core devs) have any comment to make on this and advice as to how to plan my coding..
specific questions i have are:

1. am i wiser to wait for 1.9 to be completed before coding any ajax features for elgg? (to avoid having to re-code them later on).
2. does a model / plugin / code already exist for full ajaxifying of the page loads (so that, for example, a div or the elgg-topbar can persist across page loads)?
3. are there any plans to integrate such ajaxification into tidypics and videolist (to support dynamic content loading and persistant video viewing while navigating pages simultaneously)?

i think that is sufficient to open this up..
i found a great page on this topic for sites in general (such as wordpress sites) here:


  • Elgg 1.9 will not have many additional ajax features. We switched to AMD for organizing javascript into reusable modules, and that will allow the codebase to grow nicely in a maintainable way, but we haven't added a JS MVC framework. That is planned for 1.10.

    Elgg 1.10 is a ways out still. We're focused on 1.9 right now, obviously. Even when 1.10 ships, it probably won't ship with ajax page reloads (due to concerns over backwards compatibility and SEO). I may try to find some sort of compromise so that plugins can opt-in to ajaxifying certain page loads and then use the traditional full-page-refresh for other pages. It's still hard to say since we haven't done much work designing it yet.

    I don't think waiting to code ajax features is necessary. However, when we do add more ajax features to core those will be based on an existing MVC framework (Angular, Ember, etc.), not just jQuery, so I recommend getting familiar with those and perhaps contributing to the discussion on elgg-development when we bring up which one to use. Coding some features with a couple of those frameworks would actually be really helpful to the discussion, since you could offer us real-life pros/cons.

    I don't know whether there are plugins that already do ajax navigation, but I would doubt there is much compatibility with other plugins/themes if they do exist. Most Elgg plugins assume full page reload so there isn't much hope for ajax navigation until Elgg 2.0 unfortunately.

    There are no specific plans to enhance the tidypics or videolist plugins, though I would personally like to see Tidypics converted to an official "photos" plugin that is bundled with core.

  • ok, thanks for sharing here.
    i'll go look at angular and ember then.. they are new to me.