Overload images of _graphics folder?

Hi there,

I'm working on my own design for elgg which I based on the default design. Everything goes well with overloading the files in /views/default/css/elements. But additionaly to the css-files I also want to replace the files that are in the _graphics folder.

As I have understood that overloading-concept the best way to do that is just creating an "_graphics" folder in my theme folder and just insert files with the same name of the files that I want to replace.

Sadly that doesn't work. So what do I have to do?

  • These files are not views, so they cannot be overridden that way.

    There are a number of places depending on which files you want to overwrite - sometimes it's in a plugin hook that returns a default url for an image, sometimes it's in a view where you can override the url.  I there was some discussion about making them all part of the views system but that would further tax the server.

  • Create a _graphics folder within your own theme where you place your replacement images and change the path to the corresponding images within the CSS files you are already overriding.

  • Yea, I'd prefer we move these into the views system. We have plans to support skipping PHP entirely for simplecache files if sites really need that extra performance boost.

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