strange warning message and no help via google or here any ideas?

  • Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!


when I added some mods I get the above message any ideas why?

mods include 

Event Calendar 0.8

Elgg event calendar plugin

Author: Kevin Jardine <> -


Chat 1.7.0 

Elgg Integration of the nice ajax chat PhpFreeChat 1.3.

Author: Felix Stahlberg -

I am using the latest version of Elgg

  • Well, it has been deprecated. Would have to check the new standard and replace the functionality in the code. I might try to figure out how to do this myself since the damn Even Calendar is critical to my use case.

  • No need to panic - deprecated does not mean broken.  It will work fine as-is, though if you know how to fix it then please do so and push the fix upstream to the event calendar github repo.

  • My guess is that the plugins that produce these warning have not been updated for Elgg 1.7 (or you are not using the latest versions). For the Event calendar plugin you can use the latest version available at (Kevin stopped uploading his plugins here at the community site unfortunately). For the chat plugin I don't know if there is a newer version available - but I doubt it is. You can try other chat plugins but I don't know if there is any without errors.

  • I've been using Elgg almost 3 years (1.7 to 1.8.16) and never found a chat plug in that wasn't cumbersome and/or worked properly.  Maybe I missed one but I doubt it.  Anyone with a 'chat' that works good is keeping it to themselves.

    For all others it's important to use ones written for the script version you are using or you'll keep having problems.


  • The problem with Elgg based chats is they tend to boot the elgg engine on every request which is very difficult on the server load.  The best chats I've seen are integrations such as cometchat or arrowchat which are essentially installed along side elgg but integrate as minimally as possible.