Modify "Repor this" (Reported Content) Form to Contact Us Form

Hi, I have tried to create a Contact Us plugin by modifying the Reported Content plugin's Report this form, but all I am getting is a blank page without the form. I believe modifying the "Report this" form is the best way to create a "Contact Us" plugin complete with archiving of all contacts. It should be possible and let us work together to make it a reality. I can't believe Elgg doesn't have a bundled "Contact Us" plugin. A "Contact Us" plugin should have been more important than most of the bundled plugins that come with Elgg. 

  • A white page can have several reasons. Most likely some coding error. You should check the logs (php error log and/or apache log) if there are any entries telling you more about the issue.

    Could the Feedback plugin be of any use to you: I need to fix some remaining issues when I have the time to do so but it should fully work already if you don't rely on an additional captcha check and if you don't need it to work for logged-out visitors. If you don't like that it uses "Feedback" instead of "Contact us" you could modify it via the language file. Though the button to open the form uses an image including "Feedback" instead of a pure text label (I guess I would need to change that in future versions of the feedback plugin, too).

  • Thank you RvR. May God bless you in every part of your life.