Proyect: Social Network of recreation

We focus on designing a project based on the creation of a social network designed to focus on these needs of recreation, fun or outputs. Not only regarding the use of free time, but also the resolution of the conflict in "what to do" in a given situation with preset conditions (eg where to go out to eat, where to buy food, drinks, and other items relating to recreation , leisure time): this decision will result from recommendations of options generated by the system based on user profile info intelligently processed through mathematical algorithms. As another feature, the project will have geolocation resources to visualize locations of places to go and routes of movement to them.

This may be possible to do with a plugin, or we will need to work on the core code of "elgg" to realise this project?, any suggestion?, the most experimented users may explain to me if this proyect is possible to realise with elgg as engine?

Thanks and Good day.

  • Please don't post the same thing in multiple threads - I've deleted your duplicate posts from today, this is also the same as you posted yesterday where Steve told you that you're being too vague to know what you're looking for.  That is still the case today.