Some questions about Elgg license...

Hi dears Elgg Users, Develelpoers,

I've got some questions about Elgg license.

Here is the context: i'm a developper in a VOIP company and i'm charged to add a more "social" dimension to our actual product.
Our product is managable trought a web interface and the users can send sms, faxes, check theirs voicemails, calls history and other stuffs.
But it would be nice if they can also send messages between them, belongs to groups (groups that will might also corespond to a group of phones and ring strategy), and others social/telephony functionnalities.  Elgg looks like a great candidate and i'm currently investing if we can use Elgg (question of licenses) and if Elgg can do the job..
I've to choose carefully, because it's going to take time to addapt and it's going to be quite used (presently, i would say we have like 10 000 persons using our product).

So, the problem is:
Even if we are using Debian/Asterisk/Postfix/apache.. our code is, sadly, propritary. (not me to choose).

I don't think we'll have to change the Elgg core but we will definitly add some plugins to comunicate with our product; I don't mind putting this code in MIT (or what ever) but those plugins will comunicate with a propritary code, and the GPL license says that if one part of the code is GPL (i.e. if we use one of the Elgg plugins), then all the code as to be in GPL.

Am I gettin it right ?   Is there a way to workaroud this problem ?  For exemple:
-- Can i ask some plugins authors to release their code under both GPL and MIT ?
-- Can we install on the client server an Elgg without plugins (the MIT version) and invite the client to add all the plugin by himself ?
-- Does it represent a lot of work to re-write some plugins (like the wiki or the wire); has it been already done for somes?

I've got other questions on Elgg capabilities, but i'll search more before bordering you; for now the licensing worries me more.

Thank You very very much !



PS: I've found some discutions about the subject, but i'm not sure to get it right and i need to be sure. Sorry for the inconvenience !

PPS: Sorry for my --not so good-- engish..