Something wrong with the river?

On the acitivity page I have this under the activity list...


  • $object = $vars['item']->getObjectEntity(); $comment = $vars['item']->getAnnotation(); $num_chars = 250; $excerpt = $comment->value; $string_length = elgg_strlen($excerpt); if ($string_length >= $num_chars) { $text = trim(elgg_strip_tags($excerpt)); if ($string_length == elgg_strlen($text)) { $excerpt = elgg_substr($text, 0, $num_chars); $space = elgg_strrpos($excerpt, ' ', 0); if ($space === FALSE) { $space = $num_chars; } $excerpt = trim(elgg_substr($excerpt, 0, $space)); if ($string_length != elgg_strlen($excerpt)) { $excerpt .= '...'; } } } echo elgg_view('river/elements/layout', array( 'item' => $vars['item'], 'message' => $excerpt, ));


I can't seem to remove it does anyone know what it is?



  • Could be caused by a bug in a plugin. It seems to me that instead of displaying the intended content of the river entry the code that would create the river entry is displayed instead.

    You can try disabling the plugins you have installed on your site. If you disable the plugin that created this river entry the entry should become invisible, too. Then you would know which plugin is causing the issue which is a step further in finding the solution. If you found out what plugin is causing the faulty entry, you can tell the developer of this plugin about it (who will hopefully fix it) or you could at least ask for help again with being able to give more details about the problem.