New Members Can't Login?

I am not to sure why this is happening...New members can not login. It just clears the filed and refreshes the page. Old members on the other hand can still login.


I am running elgg 1.5

Here is the link to my network incase anyone needs to see it

  • You have other problems ;-(

    " Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_context() in /home/content/m/e/t/metjet2/html/social/mod/profile/start.php on line 67 "

    .... after Register.

  • Ok I fixed that problem..But still have no clue why new users can't login :(

  • I have gotten the exact same problem suddenly :(

  • I,m suspecting my problem comes from the uservalidation feature.

    Soo now i am wondering if there is a way to "validate" all users that have been registered during the time that plugin was enabled.

  • That reminds of the problem with the uservalidation. I still can't figure out what it does actually. I thought disabling it would do one of two things.

    Action 1:  It allows on-the-spot registration, bypassing e-mail confirmation.

    Action 2:  It would accept no more new registration.

    In fact, Neither 1 Nor 2 is brought into effect, at least at my site.

    When uservalidation is disabled, a newly signed-up person gets a message to the effect that registration is completed succcessfully, but can't login. If Action 2 is the purpose of the plugin, a potential member should not see the Sign-up page at all (instead he/she should get a message saying no new registration is accepted).

    So what purpose does the plugin serve? Can anyone make me wise to it?

    That said, is there a way to bring Action 1 to effect? At least for a while, I want to allow people to register on the spot and login at once with no intermediate steps between. Is it possible?

  • @ jlxsolutions

    Just for a clarification.

    Members have no problem in logging in at my site, regardless of uservalidation is enabled or disabled.

  • Well i solved the problem by simple sending mass mail to evryone and asking thosoe not able to login to email me whit username and recreate account after i deleted it :)

    works fine now..

  • I reckon it's the swine flu virus.. it must've infected computers as well.


    There is so much that happens that defies logic.. and things seem to crop up and die down on their own.. it's like elgg is a living organism that gets ill and then repairs itself..! 

  • Elgg surely is like a living organism. All the symptoms are there. Bad days, bad moods, auto-correction, retrospection ... As for auto-correction, I have always felt that code-hacking (even small changes) takes an unusually long time to come into effect at Elgg.