Elgg + Fundraising

Hi, i need to create a fundraising site with elgg and i'd like to use paypall. there is a plugin that can i use? i look among the avaiable ones but i have not found anything. thanks

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    There are a number of paypal integration plugins commercially available for things like paid registration.  I don't believe anyone has anything available here though.  When it comes to payment gateways they tend to be paid plugins I guess.

  • The donation plugin works fine.

  • @ s_pinz 4, I made one before where the Elgg users will place ads on the elgg site, then pay the elgg site ads just like facebook ads payment process through paypal, then the plugin will check with paypal database through API and once confirmed that the user has paid the required amount, the Elgg users information is updated then the ad becomes active on elgg site. All this is done through API without changing elgg database... it is not hard to do. First, we must know how you want the process to go. Like, will you like  Elgg users to pick the available products or items set has fundraising amount and then pay through pay pal and then their profile page will show that they have paid for....???

  • adc

    i would not use paypal. they have a habit of "suspending" accounts for no reason whatsoever, without warning or notice, holding on to all your funds, demanding an endless round of documents, and never resolving the issue. it took many years, but finally even the BBC's Watchdog program finally did a piece on them recently... one guy here in the UK had his entire real world business put at risk: he only took payments through paypal. they took him for £35,000! this is not an isolated case. it has been happening for years. a few years ago paypal agreed to work with an associate of mine who operated sfipay, a reliable payment processor. he supplied the documents and they signed agreements. they took him for $100,000. sfipay went bust and hit the dust. my associate lost everything. including his home. even customers who have followed their rules for years have been targetted. they suspended my own account once because someone i did not know sent me money (unsolicited). when i found out about the payment i tried to reverse it, but paypal refused to do so. instead they suspended my account and demanded passport and bank statements (on an already verified account!). several months later i got my account back. i was one of the "lucky" ones. i only use paypal when someone refuses to use any other method.

  • #cool-mates - So much the same as regular banks then?

  • adc

    sadly so #jededitor, sadly so. all i can offer is that neither bluesnap plimus (who process third party payments) nor my own payment platform (which does not process card/bank info to make deposits or payments, but enables payments to third parties using monies generated by my company) do not do anything of the kind. (at least i havent heard of anything like this happening to bluesnap plimus users and i certainly dont do this type of thing).

  • All I can suggest is, what I and millions of other trouble-free users do, and that is transfer any payments to you from your paypal account into your bank account asap.

    Unsolicited payment from an unknown person? Thats a scam that gets taught in primary school and all they are after is refund of the payemnt which was probably from a stolen credit card in the first place. I've had a couple of these and just refered them to Paypal who removed the transaction. Same thing happens in banks as well.

  • adc

    if they let you transfer your funds to your bank that is all well and good. sadly, as hundreds of thousands of long time users have eventually found out to their cost, this is not always possible because paypal hold up the transaction then suspend the account. they build in delays i believe, so they can earn interest on your funds. as for removing scam transactions, you have the likes of me (and the now defunct fsa in the uk) to thank for that. i was one of the original users of paypal, when they were only really available to users within the united states or to users doing business within the united states, and when they suspended my account, rudely refusing to refund the payment or get the bank or police or fbi involved, i kicked up a stink, and threatened to do so myself, through my friends in US law enforcement. eventually i got my account restored and the funds removed. now of course, they might have a procedure in place. you notice paypal left the uk pretty sharpish after a short period of proper regulation was imposed on them.

  • i feel to add my experience in here.

    i have coded software for the banking 'industry' which i now see is more appropriately identified as a 'parasitical distraction from actual reality' and 'a fruit born of seeds made of self-doubt, denial and false promise'.

    to learn more about 'what money is' you could view the page i have prepared on my site here:
    money is fake - a katalist.

    even though i do not desire to use money at all and have been quite successful in doing so for a few years here - i do still use money for purposes of hosting my elgg site and so added the donation plugin to my site. i updated the code to support bitcoin and now also 'flattr' - both of which are simple code changes.

    bitcoin totally bypasses the banking system and centrally controlled monetary institutions so in that sense it is quite useful - however, it also has built-in flaws because if you have the bigger computing setup you can actually create your own currency at a faster rate than others.. so it is possibly actually dangerous to the planet since if everyone used it there would be a type of 'arms race' explosion of creation and use of technology even more than there already has been - which the child slave mineral miners of the african region and the slave-wage factory workers in other areas would not ultimately benefit from..

    obviously this is a vast topic and one that requires vast change from the heart for life to improve.