Mobile Site Questions

Our Elgg community is working pretty great on our desktop machines. However, when we attempt to load it in our mobile browsers, it's not optimized for mobile at all and loads the full desktop site.

Is there something we can do to optimize our Elgg site for mobile browsers?

Also, our members would like to be able to use a dedicated mobile app on their iOS and Android phones. We looked at Elgg Mobile on the App Store and Play Store and thought it'd be a good option. However, when we attempt to connect it to our Elgg instance, it doesn't work, and contacting the developer, they want $1,000 to enable the app to make it work. We've reported it to Apple and Google since they falsely advertised it on their site, and we feel they're trying to rip people off. 

Are there any other mobile app solutions that would allow us to connect to our Elgg instance for less? We don't mind paying a reasonable cost for an Elgg app (it doesn't have to be free), but we think $1,000 to enable an app is highway robbery.