Shared hosting for Elgg?

I'm in the process of having my programmer install Elgg onto my domain. My domain is a part of my shared hosting account.

My question is, will Elgg perfectly fine in a shared hosting account? Or will I need to step it up to a Virtual Account or a dedicated server account?


  • On certain hosts you can run Elgg on shared account but only for a while (it is great for testing or developing), once you get some users and content added to the site it will slow down and than you will start getting 500 internal server errors and such. Like I said some shared hosts are better than others but you will have to move to VPS and dedicated eventually (how soon? depending how fast your community grows).

    I've had several on Dreamhost and Hostgator which was fine for testing and with few users, now I'm on VPS ad dedicated hosting.

    Good luck.

  • It will be fine, however if you get high traffic, you will have to consider moving to a dedicated server. Shared hosting can handle some load, however if you receive 2000+ simultaneous connections per day, you must get a dedicated server.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg community Liaison

  • It not only depends on the amount of concurrent site visitors but also on which 3rd party plugins you might want to use if running Elgg on a shared server will work or not. The bottleneck on shared server which could result in the hoster taking your site offline quite suddenly is CPU useage. If your site creates a too high CPU load the hoster will react quite immediately to not inflict any problems for the other sites hosted on the same server.

    On shared server the "unlimited" disc space and traffic is not the issue (it's even quite unlikely that these are the limiting factors especially on a new site). The hosters mostly include some limitations in their terms of use like for example a restriction to "CPU load not higher than 10 % for more than 60 seconds" or similar. It's quite impossible to not violate such a vage constraint at some point with an Elgg site that creates most content dynamically. And even if you don't produce a too high CPU load with your Elgg site yourself, the high number of sites hosted on a single shared server will slow down Elgg to a certain extend in any case.

    My advice: for testing and playing around install a test environment on your own computer (for example via XAMPP on Windows or even better on a Linux installation which you can also run in parallel to Windows). Such a local test installation will also help in the long run even if you set up your site on a server once you are ready. If you want to test out new plugins or other things a test installation always will be a nice have.

    If you think you are ready, better start with a VPS plan for hosting your site right from the beginning.

  • hey thanks for the replies guys!! Ya I thought that running on a shared would be ok at the start, but as the members grow and more content comes online, I would eventually have to step it up to either a VPS or a dedicated server.

    Let's hope I get to that stage!


  • Also you Must enable all caching in the advanced settings. This makes an enormous difference on both the number of requests served and their performance.

  • adc

    elgg works fine in a shared hosting situation. elgg is now included with other free scripts by web hosts all over the world. just log into your control panel, go to the free software section, find elgg, complete a short form and hit submit.. bingo! automatic install! and you can update your installation just as quickly because new releases are always included when they become available. however, i do advise moving to a dedicated server just as soon as you can because other users of the shared server do occasionally cause problems by maxing out capacity. in fact, if you can, go straight to a dedicated server.

  • I don't recommend using the installer scripts - in my experience they lag far behind (godaddy's is still only at 1.8.3) and some of them install wrong ie. The godaddy script install I just upgraded had the data directory inside the elgg directory. Just install it properly the first time, its really not hard to do.

  • @Matt Becket

    Not all do that. Arvixe uses Softaculous, which always have the latest elgg version available for install. If you do install with our installer scripts, it will send a notification when a new version is available. Backups, upgrade and installations are easier at Arvixe with the automated install script.

    I'm not trying to advertise or anything, I'm just stating that not all webhost have bad installer scripts or outdated elgg versions.


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Fair enough, was just sharing my experience.  If it's up to date and installs properly then great!