I have a question about license.Under GNU General Public License v2, I want host a network and make many modifications to elgg. Do I have to make  source available. Can I do some advertise on that network.


  • I don't think so. You are free to use elgg and do any modifications you want.

    If you feel like, you could share any cool enhancement you do on your netwok, of course if you want.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • from the elgg wiki:

    No, if you are using Elgg to provide a service, you do not have to make the source available. If you distribute a modified version of Elgg, than you must make the source available.

    So distribute mean sell a modified versio of Elgg to other people. I get little confuse here.

  • Usually, we do not make any changes to the core Elgg system. We enhance the functionality via plugins. No, you don't have to make the source available for providing commercial plugin development on Elgg.

  • Using ads on your site is not restricted in any way by the GPLv2 license.

    If you modify code that is licensed under GPLv2 and only use it by yourself, you are not obliged to publish it (this might be different with other licenses like the AGPL licenses). But if you publish this code (modified or not) you must publish it also under the GPLv2 license (if the original copyright holders did not agree with a license change). If you publish it (modified or not), you must also include the original copyright info (regardless if this is included in a separate file or in the header of the source files) and you would also need to include either the license text itself or a link to it. You are not allowed to publish the code - more precisely the original code - as your own.

    By GPLv2 you are free to offer the source code for free or even sell it (linux distributions for example bundle open source code and you might need to pay for the distribution). Still you need include the source code (or provide a link where it could be downloaded) in any case. A commercial plugin that is licensed under GPLv2 also needs to provide access to the source code or it is in violation of the license.

  • So I host a network. I donot have to publish it.