Easy Theme won't work with simple cache enabled

I upgraded my Elgg site to 1.8.15 today, and updated EasyTheme to 1.3.2.  I followed the instructions in the comments at http://community.elgg.org/plugins/801723/1.3.2/easy-theme , including saving the EasyTheme settings first, and flushing the caches. None of the theme image files that have been utilized in my site would show up, unless I go into Admin->Settings->Advanced Settings and disable simple cache.  With simplecache disabled, my site theme works fine.

Since finding that, I have repeated the process at least 3 times and still if I enable simple cache my theme disappears.

We're on a shared server with very limited resources, so utilizing any caching that could assist load demand and time would be beneficial. I'd like to be able to use simple caching. Can anyone give me some ideas of what else may be required to get Easy Theme working again with caching on?