Elgg Vs. Drupal

Good Day All,

I am having some issues determining whether or not to use Drupal or Elgg for what I want to accomplish.

We are looking at a content management system and my argument is that Elgg can do this and much more.

Here are my goals and from discussions with my team, they are suggesting to use Elgg, please let me know if they are incorrect :)

1) Elgg is set up to be a social networking site, which is not the primary focus of a content management system

2) Drupal allows fo publishing, editing and modification of content, not simple uploads by users within Elgg as it seems to utilize

3) Drupal allows access to this content without requiring logging in

4) Drupal has built in permission levels set both on users and assets

5) Drupal allows for the creation of closed groups and projects with controlled access which does not exist in Elgg

6) Drupal has approx 20K user supplied modules and Elgg has 1.7K (plugins)


  • @ dualpixel ,"CMS and a Social Network Framework are different tools for different jobs." However, these two tools can be used like Marriage does... For example, Facebook uses a CMS "Timeline" for none logged in users and then uses Social Network Framework for logged in users for example the Facebook Profile and Facebook dashboard.

    To cut long story short, if you are a a good carpenter, you can use nails "Social Network framework" and Screws "CMS", and Glue "Modules or Plugins" on the same furniture “Site or website” then to crown it all, use a crispy, crunchy, creamy Theme design "Paint" to make sweet, delicious, gorgeous furniture "Website".