ElggDiskFilestore - filestore.php

Hi, I'm gettint this errors continuosly in the httpd error_log... 

"Missing argument 1 for ElggDiskFilestore::__construct(), called in /home/xxxx/www/engine/lib/filestore.php on line 623 and defined" in file /home/xxxx/www/engine/lib/filestore.php (line 156), referer: http://xxxx.es

In adition, I get too:


File does not exist: /home/xxxx/www/vendors/jquery/jquery.form.js, referer: http://xxxx.es/

Any solution please?


  • If you want the first one fixed (it's a warning that doesn't affect functionality), please post your comments here: https://trac.elgg.org/elgg/ticket/601

    If enough people ask to have this fixed, it may actually be fixed.

  • Thanks,


    Someone said something about disable logging to avoid the problem. Well, in a professional platform nobody can assume this type of solution.

    If the developers team don't want/can solve this problem, Dolphin will be my next stop.

  • Dolphin kindasorta sucks. I know someone - sortof a rival site - who use Dolphin. Everyone I've asked who's used both sites prefer elgg's functionality. :p

  • @Juan M.,

    You're going to drop an app because of an insignificant warning message?

    It's not an error - it's a trivial PHP warning! You can configure your logging to show only real errors if it bothers you.

    The developers won't quake in their boots after reading your comment, I assure you.

    Still, I expect it will be fixed eventually (after a lot of actual bugs have been looked at first, I hope!)

  • He behaves like a paying customer, thats too funny. Anyway, Im going to stop everything Im doing right now and fix his problem......not!!

  • Kevin, turning off warnings is less than ideal. Very often those warnings point to bugs that do affect functionality. I plan to submit a patch for this issue.

  • Hi Cash,

    I think that a patch is a good idea and much more likely to get action than a threat not to use free software!

  • No, I'm going to drop an app just because the solution "configure logging to not show this insignificant error" it's not professional.

    So before of offering contracts and monthly payments for maintenance you must demonstrate that the app works perfectly.

    @Kevin Jardine: I don't want anybody quaking. This is my personal thinking.

    The too funny thing, is that there are a lots of social engines. And my client is a spanish goverment department. So I can't say, hey, it's free... but you need to stop logging on the server.

    Be serious...


  • @Juan M.: You don't need to stop logging on the server. "Someone" suggested that, I presume, because it was bugging you and it doesn't harm functionality.  Whoever "someone" is, they didn't give an optimum response ... but, if you wanted the trivial warning to stop bugging you, turning off logging would accomplish that. Arguably, they gave you a fix. Just not the right one. ;)

  • Trivial fix now attached to ticket. We'll see if there is any movement on this.