How to modify topbar menu list?

If I want to add a link to topbar menu, is this the page to edit?

views/default/page_elements/elgg_topbar.php? I tried to add a link, however, it doesnot do anychanging. I ahev search the site, and could not fidn any place in teh site to modify it. Can anyone help me why I was not able to modify tobar menu? If this is not correct place to modify, which page can I do the modification?

Thank you



  • Lynda, Yes, that is the right page.

    If you post the complete code for the page after you modified it, we can perhaps look at where you went wrong.


  • It would be easier to get Vazco's top bar plugin...

  • Thank you for yoru reply! Here is the code I added to see what is in $var:


    The above code does not print out at all.

    Then I added this line:


    It does not show up at all.

    At first I thought it was cache problem,  so I ran upgrade.php, the top bar did not change at all. Then I deleted  data/view_paths, still nothing changed in my top bar. I did not install any other plugin for top bar. I don't udnerstand why is like this.

    Sorry, I could not make code in this tynimce. The code is simple html link code, it does not have any syntext error. I just don't udnerstnad why any changes not be reflected on the top bar.

    Thank you


  • @ lynda - Extend the view

    You can simply extend the 'elgg_topbar/extend' view, with your view.

  • Hi Lynda,

    Disable simple cache from the Admin options. Your changes are not displayed because elgg is loading it from the cache.

    Hope this helps.