I there a possibility of having site-wide folders, into which anyone can post docs?

My name is Mato Philip. I started using elgg a month ago. I have been
working with Joomla and wordpress CMS, but I realised elgg has some
really good features not found in other cms. However as I was using it
in a site: http://elearn.makererecollegeschool.com/ which am still working on (a typical
etutoring site, such that teachers can upload documents for students
to download), I got stuck somewhere.

I managed to create folders for different fields e.g
http://elearn.makererecollegeschool.com/folder/admin/yourfolder but I
can't get to grant access to all logged users (teachers) to be able to
post in these folders, despite the fact that they were not the folder
authors.(In other words, I need to create site-wide folders "like
site-wide categories work") I have tried all plugins but failed.

Is there a way to let all login users (teachers) post in the folders that I have already created as an admin? and how can I stop them from creating their own folders.

I appreciate any help given to me. Thank you. (I know a few basics of code editing in php and html, but not a professional programmer.) Thank again.

  • I assume you've tested some "folder"-like plugins that add some features to be able to organize uploaded files into folders. I think there's no plugin available though that will offer exactly what you are looking for. For the normal files section of an Elgg site every user would have separate folders and it's quite unlikely that any plugin will offer a way to create a folder where all users could put their files into on upload. For such a common folder it's more likely that a group folder is needed, i.e. you would need to create a group on your site and create a folder within the group's file section. Every group member would then be able to add files to this group.

    The file_tools plugin should allow you to do what I've just described. Still, it does not prevent non-admins from creating new folders. To be able to stop this you would need to modify the plugin code. For example you could change the code to show the option / the button to add a folder only when an admin is logged in.

    Maybe it helps to contact the developer(s) of the "folder" plugins you have tested to ask for advice or suggest some feature (like restricting the folder creation to admins).

  • @iionly thanks very much for the advice. It worked quite fine. I appreciate. 

    I craeted a group into which I placed all teachers, and then I created folders into which they can all post. I am just having hard time changing view of folder files from the default list type to the gallery view (grid view). Hope there's a simple way of making grid view the default file view on the entire site. Any idea?