install problem

Hello everyone,


I´ve installed elgg on my host, not localhost, a few weeks ago. It was for test the program, how its gone, etc.. Yesterday, a mistake of mine, I´ve deleted the directory egg of my host.. So I´ve got to download it again, unzip it in my host and reinstall it.. Now I have a problem with it.. I cannot have acces to the elgg settings box.. When I install it again in my host, folder: /elgg/html/elgg-1.8.15, modify my .htacces, rewrite base and in settings.php, put my DB dates, I´going in my browser to and have no acces to the directory.. I don t know what esle to do... to get acces to the elgg configuration place..


Is there anyone who can help me?

thank you a lot!!!

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Beginning Developers

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