I cannot access to my Elgg site after I deativated THE WIRE mod

I'm running elgg on xampp.

I open two tabs for elgg during my theme modification. One to "Flush the caches" and the other to reload the actual site to see how things changed. Everything worked fine, until I deactivated "THE WIRE" mod. Then I tried to reload the site (even on both tabs) and the error was shown stating "HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error):"

I uploaded the modified theme on the real server. Everything worked fine. But I did not deactivate "THE WIRE" because I don't want the same thing to happen. What is going wrong here?

My persoanl hypothesis: Is it because I go to "THE WIRE" page on one tab while deactivating it on the other tab (accidently though) that cause this corruption? 

Thank you inadvance...