delete multiple posts / users using elgg 1.8

I am looking for one plugins in elgg 1.8 which can delete multiple posts / users using admin access.

Any suggestion?

Or any SQL query for the same. If i delete only users, their posts/n other reference may left behind.


  • By Matt Beckett

    If you delete a user all of their posts and references are deleted

  • By cmsgalaxy

    Thats true but i have senaqrio to delete 1000's of SPAM users. any recommendation?

  • By iionly

    There's a version of the bulk_user_admin plugin for Elgg 1.8 available at This plugin would allow you to display user accounts sorted by the email domains used at account registering and then selecting multiple users to be deleted at once. You should take a look at this plugin (you need to rename the folder to bulk_user_admin after unzipping). Though you might start using it with care as I don't know if there might be some unfixed issue in the github version at the moment (which might be the reason it has not yet been released here on the site).

  • By Ossama Khayat

    I needed the tool, so I forked it from GitHub and did some small edits.

    It's still a work in progress, but works fine with 1.8 (tested on test and live environment).

    You can find it here: