Detect SPAM registration /blogs and stop it


I have using many Capacha plugins to avoid SPAM registration / blogs and stop it. I was keep changing these coz i felt none of them is working perfectly and SPAMMer was able to sneak into my elgg installation some of other way.

Case 1 - At present I am using image_captcha to prevent spamer. I just disabled capacha for few mins and noticed that more than 200 SPAM users has been registerd to the site. I was surprise to see this stats. How to detect the source of these attacks and prevent them permanently?

Case 2- I have setup one new small sites using elgg without any capacha 3 days back. No great promotion etc etc..just made sitee live..Today i noticed more than 500 users have registred to the site and all registration was SPAM? How can this be possible...

I am just trying to relate these things at base level...In both the cases, i am surprised with SPAMMer elgg detection and SPamming capability. Tis also leads to my site perforcmance as well..

please advice and share your experence.



  •  WestorElggMan works good and allows for site mass messaging and group controls...for use by only the admin or for all members.

  • My problems was solved with (spam login filter + spam throttle + elgg-captcha+ honeypot-spam-catcher) 


    Thanks all :)

  • someone could help me how to take encryption elgg to appear when the User registering the password in the database? if the encryptions

  • I had 20-50 spammers/day for over two years but recently a 'bot' got on me and I got around 200/hr and 5,000 one  night while I was sleeping...most of them posting blogs and some creating groups and posting pages/blogs in them. 

    It was time to update to the latest script anyway so I did (and got 250 registrations in the hour while I was installing the mods I needed). 

    I now just use 'captcha' but also require a profile photo uploaded, the brief description and location and I added a 'Gender' (M/F) field (plus they have to check agreement with our 'Terms'.

    I've had no spam registrations since making those changes.

  • @ Clyde K , The war on marketing madness or the war on Elgg sites spam is a war an Elgg site admin has to win so that their members can have peaceful online browsing and  nights with little nightmares... a site infested with spam is like a tourist walking or navigating through a game park or juggle by foot… a member or a user don’t know what to expect next… for example a tiger might be hiding just in the next bush waiting to catch a snack or a meal or a lion – the king of the juggle might be taking a nap with its young ones or hungry elephants might be hiding behind a think or dense trees filled with long and think scrubs and maybe large group of buffalos might be grazing in a close vicinity… last but not least, the female cheetah which can run faster than any other land animal— as fast as 120 km/h might be patiently waiting to catch a meal during lactation period !!!  The tourist's muscles or system might end up with adrenaline rush or an extremely intense feeling mixed with fear and intimidation while browsing, navigating or literally walking on a spammed site or juggle...

    The only way for elgg sites admins to win this war is to have the right tools to fight the old war of marketing madness that is -- "site ranking and backlinks" and here are the tools: (spam login filter + spam throttle + elgg_captcha + honeypot-spam-catcher)
    Hope it helps.