hypeForum 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

Can any one make it combatible for newest elgg maybe =? I am not smart for that but would help alot members from elgg.org to update it.


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  • @iionly Well, yes, I'm more of an elgg user than developer, but I've been developing for 40+ years in lots of languages including php/mysql. Just don't have the time to invest in another, and I know enough not to tackle something new at this ripe old age, so I leave it up to yall that are smarter than me. I can run the script to upgrade the db that was discussed in google groups, so I may give that a whirl or I just might wait out 1.8.16 and spend the time elsewhere. At least I know I'm not the only one having this issue and I ain't nuts. I really really really appreciate your assistance on this. I'd still be wasting a lot of time looking for an answer. I think I'll keep my nose in the elgg google groups, seems like there is lots of good stuff there. FYI, been w elgg since .9.  THANKS!

  • @Pala, I was not able to reproduce the error, but I think I have found what might have been causing it. Could you please download the latest version from github and verify that the error is gone?

    Re: is it possible to add move topic feature and also lock topic option please in the next release maybe.

    There is already an option to create a sticky topic, which I believe is what you are calling a locked topic. Unless, you mean closing the topic for new posts?

    I don't like the idea of moving topics around, as it goes against the logic of ordering posts by: 1) sticky topics, 2) topics by latest post

  • Hi Ismayil,

    yes error is gone... but delete topic make now an error and the icons layout on topics can they be alligned after each other not under each other?

    I mean lock topic yes ( close topic )( move topic would be handy if some one post in the wrong forums )


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  • @Pala, 

    If I remember correctly, I put in some logic for closing topics. Will check and add a menu option, if it's there.

    As far as the UI is concerned, I am going to work on it in the near future. 

    I will need to think about the implementation of moving topics from one forum from another. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. 

  • Sticky topics yes but close topic feature cant find it. No option in the admin section. I am no programmer I would love it if I was. I can just do very easy edits. Developing on php is to hard for me I tryt it already often but I dont get it. Me self can just do some css things on it. 

    Im sure this forum can be cool. It is already very advanced with the HyperEditor. 

    I try to make the forum to the whole side wide. without the search because the site search self works on forum content too. 


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  • For an admin to have the option to move a topic from one forum to another would have value. As Pala says people can often post to the wrong forum. Users should not have the ability to move, only the admin. My 2 cents. 

    I'm just getting ready to evaluate and test this plugin Ismayil, I assume I should get the newest version from github, rather than the one I have, correct? I assume the version number changed, correct? Thanks.

  • @Pala, could you please ticket your feature requests on the github repo?

    @Ron, yes, the latest code is on github now. Versions have been updated.

  • How ? I registered on the github but cant find an option to make a ticket. I dont get that page how it works.

  • Hello,

    how I can remove the sitebar on the forum only, so that the forum use complete wide of my site?


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  • iionly said <The missing fulltext indexes will be created via an update script when you upgrade your site to 1.8.16.>

    Couldn't wait, fixed re Run SQL query as offered on elgg google. Good to go. Thanks iionly, your advice was most helpful and welcome. Thanks again.

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